why the fuck am i crying

literally me during any situation that is slightly emotional (via tommypickles)

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One thing we need to move away from in languages is asking people how long they’ve been learning them for, because that information means absolutely diddly squat but people use it to try and extrapolate a rough arbitrary level they should be at after x amount of time and really it’s pointless

you can do so much more in 3 months of intense focussed study than you can in 5 years of sporadic disorganised classes in school

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  • Friend: So what languages do you speak then?
  • Me: Eh, well, I speak English and German..mostly.
  • Friend: I thought you were really into languages?
  • Me:
  • Friend: ?
  • Me: Well, I mean, I can sorta probably get by in Twi but there's a lot of English in that, and Spanish for like holidays maybe, and Dutch and Swedish but that's mostly German, and I'll give Dagaare and Assamese a shot but make a fool of myself, and then obviously Greek and Hebrew and Latin you don't speak...so...and I'm ok with Sumerian and Akkadian, and I'll take a stab at Hittite and Luwian and Eblaite and Ugaritic and I wouldn't say I can READ Middle Egyptian but we're getting there at a stretch
  • Friend:
  • Me: So...yeah...German and English ...